Belbury Poly, The Willows Re-Issue

The next in our ongoing series of complete back catalogue re-issues is The Willows; first full length album by Belbury Poly (aka Jim Jupp, cofounder of Ghost Box). It's available NOW on LP & CD.

On The Willows, Belbury Poly’s ghostly synths, altered voices and archival fragments conjure a world of lost children’s television programs and tall tales in haunted landscapes. It's somewhat radiophonic, sometimes naïve and playful, other times unsettling yet often oddly familiar. These might be soundtracks for shelved children’s TV programs too disturbing to have been aired.

"...some of the most delightful electronica to arise in Britain since Aphex Twin, the Black Dog and Global Communication."
Bethan Cole,
The Sunday Times

"...electronica rarely comes as intriguing and atmospheric and laden with weirdly unshakable tunes."
Alexis Petridis,
The Guardian

"…Jim Jupp’s past-haunted electronic eccentrics is a beautiful, eerie thing – a piped gateway to false memories of a time when the benevolent nation state commissioned young men to re-score English folk songs with government issue analogue synthesisers."
Andrew Male,

"...a turning point for modern electronica: inventiveness pushing right up against the boundaries, made accessible through a door left ajar to memories."
Jason Draper,
Record Collector

"...Belbury Poly summons a genuinely spectral presence."
Simon Reynolds,
Frieze Magazine

"A cunning mix of 1980s TV, addled Prog folk and science fiction, a very literary music."
Clive Bell,

9th December 2022