Fellfoul audio drama with music by Belbury Poly

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Mulgrave Audio presents FELLFOUL an audio drama by Andrew Orton, starring Aja Dodd, with soundtrack by Belbury Poly

On 10" Vinyl, Fellfoul comes with A4 John Ridgeway comic book art and a code card for a Download that includes the includes full audio drama (Parts One and Two) plus an instrumental version of the original score by Belbury Poly and a PDF of script.

The Grand Witengamot of Fellfoul invites Eleanor Wood to its weekly gathering at Jenner’s Field, by the grace of Edwin of the Chambers…”

How has Eleanor Wood never heard of Fellfoul? This 1983 fantasy film was shot in the field outside her house, and devotees of the original 1970s book series gather there every Sunday. Or so they claim, anyway. Eleanor has never noticed them before.

Strangely drawn to this obscure fictional world, Eleanor is lured from her depressing home life by the temptation of medieval swords and sorcery. But is her burgeoning fandom becoming all-consuming? And are the boundaries between fact and fantasy getting dangerously blurred? After all, there’s a Dwimmorim beneath her bedroom window. And Vermithorn the dragon is preparing his attack…

The single page comic book poster in the spirit of children's TV mags like Look-In, was illustrated by John Ridgeway. A veteran of UK and US comic book art, possible best known for his work on DC comic's Hellblazer and 2000AD's Judge Dredd.

Eleanor Wood - Aja Dodd
Theme and Incidental Music - Belbury Poly (Jim Jupp & Christopher Budd)
Sound Design - Bob Fischer
Mastering - Jim Jupp
Artwork - Andrew Orton
Voice on "A Lost Children's Television Series ?" - Valerie Singelton

14th June 2024