Dreaming Eden by Kyron, pre-orders open now.

Pre-ordering now and out on Belbury Music on 17th May, Dreaming Eden is the new solo LP from Kyron (João Branco Kyron of Beautify Junkyards).

It's an electronic reverie comprised of drifting melodies, dusty archive sounds and synthesized rhythms. It feels like the soundtrack to a dream, in that nothing stays fixed, melodies develop then collapse, strident rhythms strike up and then unravel into fragments. And like a dream it’s hard to pin it down in time - the overall sound is not quite contemporary, and neither is it a vintage re-enactment.

The album is inspired by Christopher Priest’s novel A Dream of Wessex. A late 1970s take on the notion of virtual reality. Where participants escape the harsh reality of their world into a kind of consensus utopian future.

The LP comes on orange vinyl and includes a free download card. The artwork is a collaboration between João Branco Kyron and Jim Jupp (of Belbury Poly).

27th April 2023