Cosmorama Moving Images

A gorgeous new live session film by Beautify Junkyards out today. The incredibly talented band are captured in an amazing studio environment surrounded by film projections. With poetic interludes between songs narrated by Ghost Box anchor man, Justin Hopper.

It’s available to rent for just £3 / 3€ on Vimeo.

“Beautify Junkyards presents “Cosmorama Moving Images” a live performance movie project conceived and produced during the end of 2021 and beginning of 2022, in a new period of seclusion to which we were all subjected. Facing the difficulties of playing live and touring, the members of the band decided to channel their energy and creativity into the production of a very special movie of a live performance, that can be viewed by fans all over the globe.

Inspired by Victorian London’s “Cosmorama Rooms” and works such as “Movie Drome” by American experimental filmmaker Stan VanDerBeek, the band performs live in a room where multiple video projectors show several specially made videos in parallel. The environment becomes labyrinthine and the band’s vibrant performance seems to induce the formation of spatial and temporal portals that spectators are invited to cross.

As interludes to the band’s performance, visual-surrealist-poems were created with the special participation of American (UK based) writer/performer Justin Hopper, author of the acclaimed “Old Weird Albion” and regular contributor to Ghost Box. Records, the British cult label to which Beautify Junkyards are also linked.

It should be noted that the audio of the band’s performance was entirely captured live, on multi-track, without any additional recording.

The movie was made by the Lisbon production company Maus da Fita and the sound was captured and mixed by engineer Artur David.”

20th May 2022