A Letter From Treetops LP back in stock

Pneumatic Tubes 2022 debut album, A Letter from Treetops, is back in stock in the Ghost Box shop, and in your favourite record shops soon.

"Chandler uses keyboards and woodwind to full nostalgic effect, every tone hinting at some keenly felt absence... There is also a lovely sense of drama in the way the tracks have been sequenced, each one contrasting with or extending the mood of what came before. This letter changes mood with every paragraph. Packaged and presented with the dreamy thoroughness that has become a Ghost Box hallmark, A Letter From TreeTops is worth reading and rereading"

"It's a collection of sonic Polaroids with soothing powers, so entirely and genuinely personal it ends up speaking to (and of) universal feelings. Musically, the album offers plenty of wide-eyed library-imbued warmth and hauntological escapism... A quiet triumph."

 "...sits somewhere between the rural kosmische of Cluster and the electro nostalgia of Boards Of Canada. Yet while much of this music has a sun-dappled, magic hour feel to it, it's grounded by a hint of melancholy"

"There’s a clarity present in A Letter From TreeTops. The feeling of looking backward and forward simultaneously that can come with taking stock in the wake of upheval. There’s sadness, sure, but moreso there’s hope, peace, and a verdant sense of wonder."

 "Pneumatic Tubes is subdued and sublime. Its music writ small, gentle grooves imbued with just the right level of controlled emotion. It’s a place where new age cosmic stargazing meets motorik hypnotism. It’s folk music for the soul. It feels full of wonder."