Spencer Grady, Record Collector
December 2009

Roj - The Transactional Dharma Of Roj

The Ghost Box label continues along its unique trajectory, blurring the gauzy lines of separation between past, present and future. This debut from ex Broadcast member, Roj, is typical of a roster whose hallmark is the re-conceptualisation of past echoes, seeking to transform them into blurry mythical tapestries of a fantastical, though failed, future. The Transactional Dharma is populated by burbling electronics and bizarre sonic tributaries, but unlike, say, the work of some of the imprint's other acts, the mode here is often less playful. Cashing in the cosy retro-futurism of groups such as Plone and, indeed, Broadcast for a more academic approach.

Itís easy to interpret many of the pieces here as a process or (re-)discoyery, in the vein of the BBC Radiophonic Workshops groundbreaking audio work. By stealing the clothes of such sonic pioneers, Roj could be attempting to show that thereís nothing new under the sun. Or maybe he simply wants us to cast our minds back for a better tomorrow?