K-Punk: Review of Mind How You Go
October 2005

The latest Ghost Box release, Mind How You Go by the Advisory Circle, is worth 4.50 of anyone's money. The packaging alone justifies the outlay. The standard elegance of the Ghost Box design is actually 
heightened by being distilled and miniaturized on a dinky 3" CD. The sounds are the by now familiar-strange Ghost Box signatures: slightly 
angular analogue synths and a summer haze of voices (lifted from public service films and children's records) benignly conspiring to produce a convivial uneasy listening. The past as a shared dream. 
'And the Cuckoo Comes', with its cut-glass intoning of a child's rhyme, is my personal favourite; its faintly sinister refraining reminiscent of the use of nursery lyrics in Sapphire and Steel.