Joseph Stannard, Wire
October 2010

Belbury Poly
Farmer's Angle (Revised Edition)

Following the recent revamp of The Advisory Circle's Mind How You Go, Ghost Box offer an enhanced reissue of their 2004 debut release, Belbury Poly's Farmer's Angle EP. Jim Jupp's disquietingly jaunty electro-folk gains additional presence and clarity in the transition to vinyl, with added interest in the form of three new tracks. "Your Stories" sound intriguingly like Lieutenant Pigeon and Jean-Jacques Perrey hosting a knees-up in the Belbury local, while "Hither and Yon" is in a similar vein to 2009's From an Ancient Star. The original EP's Lovecraft homage "Cool Air" has been replace by "Warm Air", a re-imagining courtesy of The Advisory Circle. Ghost Box purists may grumble, but as we have seen, Jon brooks is no slouch when it comes to building new worlds from old, and the latter's Satie-meets-Monkman drift makes for a worthy substitute.