Andrew Male, Mojo
September 2011

The Advisory Circle
As The Crow Flies

Nostalgia: a seed for revolution.
Inspired by the sounds of 70s ‘polytechnic’ TV - Open University, Public Information Films, Play For Today - Jon Brooks’Advisory Circle tap into a collective nostalgia for a post-war paternalistic Britain. His 2008 album, Other Channels, was an eddying, whisper of ghostly broadcasts, the family telly as portal to otherworlds. Blending chiming folk acoustics with wistful analogue electronics, As The Crow Flies feels like a more personal work, both a soundtrack to dreamlike childhood summers and an imagined government guide to the cycles of the seasons, complete with linernotes by historian and folklorist Ronald Hutton. With the current government’s attempts to strip the country of its libraries, forests and broadcasting corporation, anything that reconnects us with richer ideas of nature and culture should be cherished. As such, imagining a departmental handbook on the primal power of the pagan year feels positively revolutionary.