Andrew Male, Mojo
January 2013,

Review of Sleep Games

Pye Corner Audio

In 1979 the Lancashire novelist Trevor Hoyle wrote the Man who Travelled On Motorways, a nightmarish sci-fi novel set in the service stations, fast-lanes and back-roads between Manchester and London, its main character weighted down by a vast "collective unconsciousness", generated by the rhythmic monotony of the motorway itself. Hoyle's novel now reads like an eerie Ur-text of the Ghost Box label aesthetic, where municipal buildings and road works are sites of temporal slippage. If Hoyle's novel is ever made into a movie, this release from Jenkins' sinister 'audio transcription service' would provide the perfect soundtrack. The opening tracks' motoric rhythms - all Juno-G keyboards and Roland bass - suggest an M1 retread of Autobahn undone by the spectre of sleep, but later tracks like the howling Pennine drones of A Non-Place imply a final destination far from the hard shoulder; somewhere overgrown, primitive and ancient.