Ghost Box is a record label for a group of artists exploring the musical history of a parallel world. Listen to clips from our catalogue or read what the press say.

Peel Away the Ivy - The Pattern Forms

The debut album from The Pattern Forms (a colaboration between elements of The Advisory Circle and Friendly Fires) is due out 21st October on CD, LP and DL. Listen here.

Following on from the Other Voices 03 single in 2015, this is an album that perfectly melds blissful pop with more exploratory electronics, its roots lying in the artists' shared love of soundtracks and electronic library music of the 70s and 80s. It should appeal to fans of both bands.

Pre-orders open early Ocotber, more news here soon.

Stasis by Pye Corner Audio

The new album from Pye Corner Audio, Stasis is available in the Ghost Box shop now, on CD, LP and DL.

UPDATE: There will be a limited repress of the LP available exclusively in the Ghost Box Shop in mid Novemeber. It'll be at the same price as the curerent version so meanwhile we'd urge you not to feed the Discogs sharks.

Conceived as a kind of sequel to 2012ís Sleep Games thereís an epic sensibility to Stasis. The haunted concrete caverns of the earlier album give way here, to vast, awe inspiring vistas of both outer and inner space.

Other Voices 08: Beautify Junkyards

The next in our Other Voices series of singles is available now, on heavyweight 7" vinyl or download from the Ghost Box shop or your usual record or download store. This time itís two beautiful songs from Portuguese group Beautify Junkyards.

New Ways Out by The Belbury Poly

The new album from Belbury Poly, New Ways Out is available now in the Ghost Box shop.

A melding of krautrock, glam, faux folk and ancient TV soundtracks across eleven joyous, slightly camp and oddly unsettling instrumentals. Moving away somewhat from the haunted electronics and occult signifiers of his earlier albums, Jim Jupp convenes his floating ensemble of session musicians to continue the exploration and illustration of a parallel world landscape. Including a guest appearance from The Advisory Circle's Jon Brooks on piano on The Green Scene.

On heavyweight vinyl, CD and download. (the LP has a free DL code card inside.) Packaging  designed by Julian House with additional artwork by Belbury Poly's Jim Jupp.

And also in Ghost Box shop is this new Belbury Poly T Shirt to coincide with the release:

The Apple Tree - Hintermass

The first album from Hintermass - The Apple Tree is out now in the  Ghost Box shop, at all the usual online retailers and in the better record shops. On heavyweight vinyl, CD and download. (the LP has a free DL code card inside.)

Following on form their Study Series single in 2011  Jon Brooks (The Advisory Circle) and Tim Felton (formerly of Seeland and Broadcast) come together with an elegantly crafted pastoral pop album. Brooks' beautiful production complements Felton's rich vocal perfectly. Catchy songs with electronic and folk sensibilities are balanced by expertly handled abstract sketches and instrumental pieces.

Other Voices 6 and 7

Number 6 and 7 in our ongoing singles series, are avialble here.

Both coincidentally recorded in Berlin, No.6 is by Tim Gane's incredible Cavern of Anti-Matter and No. 7 is by the mysterious ToiToiToi.

Also availble now in the Ghost Box shop are this long sleeved Ghost Box T Shirt and Ghost Box Records tote bag.

In a Moment... Ghost Box

To mark the labelís tenth anniversary Ghost Box have compiled a double album of highlights from the back catalogue. Thirty one especially remastered tracks and extensive sleeve notes by music writer, Simon Reynolds.

Available on double digipack CD with booklet insert or on heavyweight vinyl double gatefold LP with free download code. Both physical formats are lavish packages designed by Julian House, and celebrate the fact that graphic design has always played a central part of the labelís ethos.

Full track list and audio clips here.

Available NOW in the Ghost Box shop.

Sťance at Hobs Lane & Other Channels

Two classic Ghost Box albums are available now as vinyl re-issues. Both remastered especially for this format - heavyweight 180g vinyl packaged in luxurious redesigned artwork by Julian House, with original liner notes on beautiful colour inner sleeves.

Available now in the Ghost Box shop on vinyl and download. They'll also be at your usual stockists very soon. Vinyl customers in the Ghost Box shop will also qualify for a free download version of these albums.

Other Voices 05
The lastest installment of the Other Voices series of singles is by Ghost Box regular Pye Corner Audio. With dark dystopian industrial disco on "Machines Are Obsolete" and a collaboration with Belbury Poly on the flipside called "Pathways".

Available in the Ghost Box shop now  on super heavyweight 7" vinyl or download.

Other Voices 03 and 04
The next two singles in our Other Voices series both feature very special guests.

Other Voices 03 introduces an exciting new ensemble, The Pattern Forms. Made up of Jon Brooks (The Advisory Circle) with Ed Gibson and Ed MacFarlane (both of Friendly Fires). Expertly crafted, dreamy, electronic pop with light, airborne vocals and just a hint of dark magick.

The next in the series is by Steve Moore, well known for his retro futuristic work both as a solo artist and as bass and keyboard player with Zombi. This single for Other Voices, captures an elegant and minimalistic performance from Moore on analogue synth, Hammond organ and vintage string machine. Two perfectly balanced and paired down science fiction landscape miniatures.

Both available here & now  on super heavyweight 7" vinyl or download.

From Out Here - The Advisory Circle

The new album from the Advisory circle,From Out Here, is available on LP, CD and download Available in our shop right now.

Exploring darker territory than 2012ís more pastoral As The Crow Flies, The Advisory Circle hint at a Wyndham-esque science fiction story, where bucolic English scenery is being manipulated and maybe even artificially generated by bizarre multi-dimensional computer technology.

Jon Brooksí strong sense of melody and composition is still evident as is his renowned sound design and production skill. All of which make this a rich and rewarding experience.

Download these free A4 prinatble posters by Julian House...

Other Voices 02 - The Listening Center

Listening Center return to Ghost Box with another 45. The second in the Other Voices series, in which David Mason puts his analogue electronics to work on two powerfully melodic pieces. Drawing on the classic library-esque, music for schools and colleges sounds that inspired Ghost Box at its very beginnings.

Available in our shop now on a super heavyweight little chunk of vinyl or on download.

Other Voices 01 Single

The new series of singles by regular Ghost Box artists and some very exciting guests commences on 28th July. The series is called Other Voices and kicks off with a collaboration between Sean O'Hagan of the High Llamas and Jon Brooks of The Advisory Circle.

Available on a super heavyweight little chunk of vinyl or on download. Buy it here

The Soundcarriers, Entropicalia

The first vinyl pressing of Entropiclia has sold out, a second limited pressing will be available in early July.


Available on LP, CD and download now. The LP version is on heavyweight 180g vinyl and comes with a free download code. The CD includes a bonus track and comes packed in a beautifully designed and textured 8 panel digi pack. Artwork by Julian House and sleeve notes by Ben Graves of Toys and Techniques.

Ghost Box at the ICA

As part of the London Short Film Festival in January, there will be a screening of a selection of Julian House's films for Ghost Box, in the London ICA.

After the screening there'll be a Q&A with Julian House lead by Bob Stanley. This will be followed by DJ-ing in the ICA bar by Ghost Box and Mr. Stanley, accompanied by more projections and slides until late in the evening.

The screening is at 18:30 in ICA Cinema 1 on Saturday 18th January
Tickets £10.00 (£8.00 concs.) available

Study Series 10, Belbury Poly & Spacedog

The final single in the Study Series is a collaboration between Belbury Poly and Spacedog. Available  now in the Ghost Box shop on 7" and download.(listen to clips here)

John Foxx and The Belbury Circle

The Belbury Circle is Jim Jupp of Belbury Poly and Jon Brooks of the Advisory Circle, and for this debut collaborative EP on Ghost Box they are joined by stalwart of British Electronica, John Foxx. Available now in the Ghost Box shop on 10", CD and download.(listen to clips here)


New Ghost Box badges and Tshirts

There are two new T-shirts in the Ghost Box shop. Both designed by Julian House, one is based on the artwork for The Focus Group's Elektrik Karou and the other is a new Ghost Box design based on the old 70s and 80s Granada TV ident.Also available is  the second in a series of badge packs:

John Foxx and The Belbury Circle

The Belbury Circle is Jim Jupp of Belbury Poly and Jon Brooks of the Advisory Circle, and for this debut collaborative EP on Ghost Box they are joined by stalwart of British Electronica, John Foxx. Available now in the Ghost Box shop on 10", CD and download.(listen to clips here)

Study Series 09:"Projections"

The penultimate  Study Series single is  available now on 7" and download.
New York's Listening Center enrol for the Study Series and present a powerful analogue electronic epic, Titoli. Pye Corner Audio appear on the B side and take Listening Center's "Town of Tomorrow" for a spin across the dusty dancefloor of a deserted dance hall. Listen to clips here

On super heavyweight 7" vinyl in the usual luxurious Julian House packaging.

The Elektrik Karousel, available now.

The new album from The Focus Group, The Elektrik Karousel is in the Ghost Box shop now.

PLEASE NOTE: the free download card in the LP version has a misprinted URL it should read:
Our apologies for any problems this may have caused you.

Julian House Prints

c, The Good Press Gallery are hosting an exhibition of print work and artefacts made by graphic designer Julian House.

The pieces on display here hint at unusual cult activity centred around the parallel world town of Belbury, and expand on the fictional world explored in the music and artwork of Ghost Box records.

The exhibition will run until the end of the year, is free and open daily at Mono, 12 Kings Court, Glasgow

A selection of limited edition A2 and A3 prints are for sale through the Good Press shop located inside Mono. If you are unable to visit the exhibition but would like to purchase please contact:

Sleep Games

Sleep Games is the new album from Pye Corner Audio the most recent addition to the Ghost Box roster. There's echoes of John Carpenter, Italo horror soundtracks and a kind of post rave meltdown in PCA's submerged disco and spectral electronics. Something of a new sound to the world of Ghost Box but at the same time an uncannily perfect fit.

Available now in our shop (LP customers to the Ghost Box shop get a free DL version).

1st August'12

The next Belbury Youth Club night will take place at Mono in Glasgow 31st October. There'll be slides, visuals, Ghost Box films and DJs with live artist  Pye Corner Audio. Also Monorail will be holding an exhibition of printwork by Julian House during late October / early November.

Tickets available here.

15th June'12

Study Series 8: "Inversions" by Belbury Poly and The Advisory Circle is available now on 7" and DL in the Ghost Box shop now and from next week in our other sockists.


17th May'12

The next in our series of 7" singles, Study Series 8: "Inversions", will be available on 15th June.

The Advisory Circle and Belbury Poly each play a cover version of one another's tracks; Wildpsot and Now Ends the Beginning. Pre-order from the Ghost Box shop now.


14th March'12

Available now on CD,LP & DL, but very few vinyl copies are left world wide. Here's what the press have said:

...a beautiful, eerie thing - a piped gateway to false memories of a time when the benevolent nation state commissioned young men to re-score English folk songs with government issue analogue synthesisers.

The overall effect is disorientating and brilliant, the past re-created in a nostalgic fug, stabs of sincerity slashing through superficial veils of irony. These tales are both satirical social critiques and lost-world laments.
Sunday Times

Imagine a combination of The Incredible String Band and Boards of Canada and you wonít be far off....The Belbury Tales is infused with a deep vein of paranoia, a palpable fear, an attempt to reconcile the imminent unknown (evoking a reimagined or never experienced past).
BBC Music Review

A cunning mix of 1980s TV, addled Prog folk and science fiction, a very literary music.

The Belbury Tales is stranded somewhere between the abstract work of Jupp's past and the fuller sound of the live instrumentation he is applying, making this feel like his most pleasingly open-ended release so far.
Pichfork of the most rewarding and fully realised projects in the Ghost Box catalogue and thatís high praise indeed.
FACT Magazine

Belbury Poly (Jim Jupp)ís fourth LP is one of his most multiplex; augmenting his sparse synth blueprints with outside musicians allows Jupp to wander ever deeper into the catacombs of his mind.
Record Collector Magazine

Weird analogue synths? Rural symbolism? Artwork like a John Wyndham paperback? If youíre into all three then The Belbury Tales is Christmas...Nostalgia doesnít often feel as good as this. Prepare to feel both spooked and studious.
Drowned in Sound

24th February '12

The new album fromm Belbury Poly, The Belbury Tales available now on vinyl, CD and download. Listen to clips here or order now.


To mark the occasion there's a new Radio Belbury Programme out today too.

13th January '12

The new album form Belbury Poly, The Belbury Tales is due for release on 24th February on vinyl, CD and download. Listen to clips here and  pre-order in our shop now.

This time around the Belbury sound is augmented with guest musicians. Even more lavish than usual art and packaging by Julian House is accompanied by a wonderfully unsettling piece of fiction by Electric Eden author, Rob Young.

18th November'11

The next in the Study Series of singles is by Pye Corner Audio and is available now on 7" and download.

26th October'11

A new range of Advisory Circle garments is available now in the Ghost Box shop. The design by Julian House is featured on the As The Crow Flies album artwork.

10th October'11
The next in our series of 7" singles, Study Series 7, will be available on 18th November.

Its by Pye Corner Audio and the B side is a collaboration with The Advisory Circle. Pre-order it right now.

21st July'11
The next Belbury Youth Club night will be held at the Greenman Festival, in South Wales on Friday, 19th August.

We'll be teaming up with Birmingham's foremost film hounds7" Cinema in the Cinema Tent from 7pm. Our special live guest is Pye Corner Audio

30th June'11
The new album from The Advisory Circle, As The Crow Flies will be available 8th July.

An exploration of the passage of time and the wheel of the year.

One of Julian House's strongest Ghost Box covers so far with beautiful sleeve notes courtesy of Professor Ronald Hutton author of Stations of The Sun and Triumph of the Moon.

Vinyl, CD and download in the Ghost Box shop now. If you order or pre-ordered the vinyl version from the Ghost Box shop you'll be sent an email with a link to your free download version. Contact for any shop related queries.

5th May'11
Julian House and Jim Jupp will be guests on Jonny Trunk's OST show on Resonance 104.4FM this Saturday at 16:30 GMT. You can stream it here.

8th April'11
Numbers 5 & 6 in our Study Series singles are available in the Ghost Box shop now.
7" or download.

11th March'11

The Belbury Youth Cub comes to Brighton on 14th April as the guests of The Outer Church a regular event at Komedia. Full details here.

26th February '11
The next two singles in our Study Series will be released on 8th April.

Study Series 5 is by Hintermass, a new Ghost Box act featuring Seeland's Tim Felton and Jon Brooks of The Advisroy Circle.  Number 6 is by Trunk Records' very own free man Jonny Trunk.

4th February '11

Reissues of the very first full albums on Ghost Box, Belbury Poly's The Willows and The Focus Group's Sketches and Spells, are available now on vinyl and CD in the shop and very soon in our regular stockists.
There's a special bundle price for both albums and vinyl customers get a free download version.

14th January '11

Earlier today we received the tragic news that Trish Keenan of Broadcast passed away in hospital following a long battle with pneumonia. All of the artists at Ghost Box would like to express their deepest sympathies to Trish's family and to James.

Broadcast are our central and primary influence and Trish's passing leaves an immense gap in our world, we owe more than we can say to her friendship and support over the years.

An enormously talented, generous and beautiful visionary has gone on ahead to see the Summerland.

Warp Records have made a
statement and we'd like to reiterate their request for the proper respect of the privacy of Trish's family and friends.

20th December '10
Next release on Ghost Box will be vinyl and CD reissues of Belbury Poly's The Willows and The Focus Group's Sketches and Spells, 4th February 2011.

In March we'll have the next two Study Series singles. One of which will feature new Ghost Box artists Hintermass. Then in spring and summer we'll have brand new albums from The Advisory Circle and Belbury Poly.

You can hear previews of upcoming Ghost Box material and all kinds of other music at the monthly Radio Belbury show below or at The Belbury Parish Magazine blog

Meanwhile we'd like to wish all our listeners a Happy New Year and thank you for listening

10th September '10
Available now in the Ghost Box shop:

Study Series 03:Mordant Music/Belbury Poly
Study Series 04: Broadcast & The Focus Group
(7" or Download)

Farmer's Angle (Revised Edition): Belbury Poly (featuring The Advisory Circle).
(10", CD or download)

23rd August '10
The 10th September sees the release of the next two singles in our Study Series.
Welcome to Godalming is a split single with Belbury Poly and Mordant Music and Familiar Shapes and Noises a three track collaboration between Broadcast and The Focus Group.

At the same time we'll be issuing Belbury Poly's Farmer's Angle (Revised Edition). Its an updated and remastered version of the very first release on Ghost Box, with guest appearance from The Advisory Circle. Available on 10" vinyl, CD or download.

You can pre-order all three titles now from the Ghost Box shop. And if that wasn't enough there's a new T Shirt available right now  in both ladies and mens styles, in a delicious and autumnal chocolatey brown.

2nd July '10
The first two singles in the Study Series are available now from the Ghost Box shop. There's a special bundle price for both and also an offer on CD albums from our back catalogue.

4th June '10
Welcome to the redesigned Ghost Box website. Take a look at our Look and Listen page to find some new audio clips, artwork and other content.

28th May '10
Ghost Box is about to release the first two parts of a regular series of seven inch and download singles.

The first two singles will be available from the Ghost Box shop from the 2nd July. Study Series 01, titled "Youth and Recreation" is the result of  collaboration between Belbury Poly and Moon Wiring Club.

Study Series 02, "Cycles and Seasons" by The Advisory Circle, features a special vocal version of the Advisory Circle track Seasons, called Seasons Change by Hong Kong in the 60s.

The series will feature new work from the Ghost Box artists and feature new music, collaborations and remixes by a variety of guests including Mordant Music, Moon Wiring Club, Jonny Trunk, Hong Kong in the 60s, Xylitol, and James Cargill & Trish Keenan (of Broadcast).

Sharp eyed collectors will have noticed that the Study Series name and design is an homage to the series of BBC schools albums of the 1970s.

12th May '10
New i
n the Ghost Box shop is the CD version of The Advisory Circle's Mind How You Go(Revised Edition).

Also we've now restocked Mount Vernon Arts Lab's The Seance at Hobs Lane.

12th March '10
Tickets are now on sale here, for the Belbury Youth Club Night in Birmingham's Vivid on 28th March.

There'll be films by Julian House, strange television, public information , Ghost Box DJs and special live guest Moon Wiring Club.

3rd February '10
The Advisory Circle's Mind How You Go(Revised Edition) will be released on vinyl and download on 5th March. It features new tracks by The Advisory Circle as well as re-imaginings of two of the original EP tracks by Belbury Poly and Seeland.

You can pre-order it in the Ghost Box shop right now, and listen to clips here.

28th January '10
Tonight at midnight on Resonance 104.4 FM you can hear the weird supernatural story "His Name Was Legion" by Sir Andrew Caldecott, adapted and read by Lawrence Norfolk with music and sound by Belbury Poly.

If you're outside London you can stream it live
here or simply use the Resonance Radio widget over at The Belbury Parish Magazine blog. If you miss the story tonight you'll be able to download it here from tomorrow for a limited time only.

17th December '09
Over in the shop we have two new free download tracks by Roj. One a collaboration with German voice artist Wolfram Wire. To get these tracks you'll need to be signed up to our mailing list and then log in here.

We've created a semi-official blog called The Belbury Parish Magazine which covers Ghost Box, related artists, side projects and anything that has grabbed the vicar's attention.

Also new in out shop this month is this Ghost Box T Shirt in navy with yellow logo.

11th September'09
We're very excited to confirm that in October this year, Warp records will be releasing a mini album by Broadcast and The Focus Group - we're hoping to have copies available in the Ghost Box shop when its available. There's a great interview with Broadcast that covers this in the October issue of the Wire.

14th August'09

The release date for The Transactional Dharma of Roj is now set for the 28th September. You can pre-order the album at the shop right now. Meanwhile you can hear some clips here.

10th June '09
The exhibition of Julian House's Ghost Box artwork, "The New Spirit Happening" which was commissioned for Stirling's Le weekend Festival, will be moving to Analogue Books in Edinburgh from 12th June until 11th July. Limited edition art prints will be on sale. (Please direct any enquiries about this to Analogue).

14th May '09
The next Ghost Box release, available this August, is The Transactional Dharma of Roj. Check back here soon for clips and cover previews.

Meanwhile, for those of you with colour sets there's a new Ghost Box T-Shirt available from the shop now.

17th April '09
As part of Stirling's Le Weekend Festival there will be an exhibition by Julian House based on the Ghost Box world. Featuring artwork, moving image and ephemera, the exhibition entitled The New Spirit Happening will be held from 2nd May to 6th June in The Changing Room. Limited edition art prints will be on sale in the gallery. (Please direct any enquiries about the exhibition to The Changing Room).

Friends of Ghost Box, Broadcast and Drew Mulholland will also be performing in different events over the festival weekend and Julian House will be Djing in the Changing Room on 30th May.

17th March '09
Thanks very much to all of you who came along to the Belbury Youth Club Night. It was a great success and we hope to put on another one later this year.

A few copies of the 3" CD EP version of Mind How You Go have come to light in our shop. There's only a tiny handful and these should be the last ones in the world, so they won't be around for long.

27th February '09

Belbury Youth Club Night
11th March
at The Shunt Lounge, 20 Stainer St, SE1 9RL (tube: London Bridge)

Ghost Box in association with Trunk Records present:

DJs:  Julian House & Jim Jupp (Ghost Box), Woebot, Mark Pilkington (Strange Attractor) and Jonny Trunk

Live electronics from James Cargill & Trish Keenan of Broadcast with animation by Julian House.

Throughout the evening we'll be screening a programme of rare, unsettling and forgotten TV drama and public information.

Entry: £5, doors from 6pm (first come first serve - no advance sales)

3rd February '09
Jim Jupp of Belbury Poly and cofounder of Ghost Box will be a guest on Jonny Trunk's OST show on Resonance FM this Saturday 7th Feb.(16:30 GMT). If you're outside London you can stream it here.

30th January '09
From an Ancient Star by Belbury Poly is available now on CD from our shop. Downloads will follow on Monday 2nd Feb.

There's a review and article on Ghost Box in todays Guardian by Alexis Petridis.

21st January '09
Ghost Box feature on Radio 1: You can hear an interview with Jim Jupp and some exclusive Ghost Box material recorded especially for Introducing  on BBC Radio 1 22nd Jan. You can listen again on our myspace page too.
From an Ancient Star almost here:
You can buy the new Belbury Poly album from our shop from Friday 30th January. Pre-ordered copies will be sent out very soon.

Follow The Belbury Parish Magazine Blog for more Ghost Box and related news.